“Another painter dropped out of painting the poster image for my film Actress, so the timeline was tight and the stakes were (relatively) high. We found Laura on Etsy and had high hopes based on how good her work was online. Not only did she make our tough deadline, but the work exceeded expectations – it was so good and she was always a pleasure to work with. Together we took promotional materials and made them art!”
– Robert Greene, Filmmaker, NY
TimeOut NY named it the #1 Movie Poster of 2014!


“Wow! I just put the painting up on my wall. I am completely speechless. I’m looking at a piece that pays homage to the two most influential people in comedy and I’m in complete awe. Laura is amazing!”
– Jacob Hansen, Collector, UT


“Laura’s drawings have given Third Place Magazine a real identity and voice. Her artwork has become an essential element of every single story we publish. I love working with Laura because she is a truly generous collaborator, sharing her skill and enthusiasm to make the finished product come alive.” – Ross Neglia, Third Place Magazine, NY


“The end product blew me away. Your painting was so amazing that I couldn’t stop myself from handing it to my wife a day early. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!! She couldn’t stop looking at it all night. When you work with someone with your talent, it’s easy and fun. You are an incredible artist.”
– Vlad Kaplun, McGraw Hill Financial, NY


 “WOOWWWW!!! Thank you for a beautiful and exquisite work of art. I am in awe. It’s obvious you put so much love and light into this piece, It’s an honor. Thanks a Trillion. Truly Amazing.”
– Nikki E. Walker, Actor, NY


“She loves it!!!! She was blown away and I was too. WE both can’t believe the detail.” – Brendan Wackenreuter, Save the Children US, Washington, DC


“The picture is badass.”
– Julian Mohammed, Co-Owner of Dear Bushwick restaurant and bar, NY


“Grateful for Laura and how she helped my husband and I create beautiful art in our living room. She inspired us to commemorate 5 years of marriage in a very special way. Thank you!!!!!”
– Liz Hernandez, Innocence Project, NY


“Laura custom-made a beautiful painting for my daughter based on seeing her room and hearing about her interests. I added the nice message ‘Follow Your Dreams’. My daughter absolutely loves it and it makes her feel special.” – Jackie Collins, Collector, NY

“Oh LB it is absolutely stunning. Loving it SO much! And I’ll have it for the rest of my life!”
– Allison Pierce, Singer and Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA


“Not a day passes without me looking at ‘Date with Nicotine’ and silently remarking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful thing in my home and in my life. It’s my most treasured possession.”
– Ben Mainwaring, Brand Executive, London, UK


“You did an amazing job – it looks magnificent! I swear, every time I open a package from you and see the portraits inside, it just about knocks me off my feet and takes my breath away. I really appreciate all the effort and incredible talent you pour into this.”
– Ben Schumaker, Founder & Director at The Memory Project, WI


“Laura’s work is much like her personality in that it avoids convention without being obscure, but is grounded in a sweet sincerity that is broadly appealing.” – Joel Sager, Director & Executive Curator at Sager|Braudis Gallery, Columbia, MO


 “The Arts & Dreams workshop was amazing. It’s great to see two women so powerful, beautiful & smart helping others understand and realize their worth.”
– Amanda V., Student, Brooklyn Collge, NY

“Our students truly love your Arts & Dreams
– Ma Lis Wendt, Treasurer
Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, NY


“I contacted Laura to do a custom piece. She responded right away. Her price was reasonable, and her painting was gorgeous!!! I absolutely love it. She is VERY talented. Also, she shipped it safely and quickly. I highly recommend her and will shop here again.”
– Julie Harrison, Collector, VA

Portrait of Dani Evans, oil on panel, 11" x 14", 2015“Goodness it’s so good!!!! You are so incredibly talented. Thank you again SO very much.” – Dani Evans, Author and Model, NYC

“Her paintings look like photographs with soul. Love her work and think you will too.” – Catherine Pierce, Musician, CA

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